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We are proud to announce ...

We are proud to announce our partnership with the talented team at Furniture Pipeline! Furniture Pipeline are pioneers at creating industrial eco-conscious furniture. Each piece of furniture manufactured is crafted from lightweight, durable aircraft-grade aluminum, and high-quality solid hardwood Paulownia, sourced from sustainable wood farms. 

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Coffee Table Vignette!

When you think coffee table the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a wood or glass-top table, but in reality, if the height and size are right for the room, almost anything can function as a coffee table, like old trunks, lidded baskets, industrial carts, and one of my favorites, the tufted ottoman!  Redecorating and up cycling your coffee table decor is one of the cheapest (and chicest!) ways you can make a big change to your living area.  I like to think seasonal. Lighter and brighter in the Spring and Summer months. Darker colors with dried accents for the Autumn and Winter months.  The one rule I try to stick to is: no clutter!  Less is...

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How This Tree-Planting Charity Is Helping Reforestation Efforts Around the World

We've partnered with One Tree Planted to give you the option of donating $1 to your order to help with OTP's efforts reforesting the globe.   With current conversations about climate change, deforestation, and the finite nature of natural resources, sustainability is on the minds of both consumers and corporations. But more than that, it’s also in our hands. Businesses care about their social and environmental impact because consumers care. That’s why corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability reporting are a focus for companies with a significant carbon footprint, such as Pepsi.  Too often, saving the planet is sold to us via doom-and-gloom visions of a growing human population that takes more than it gives back. For Matt Hill...

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